The bonds of love are not intersected with death. (Thomas Mann)

The consolation is that there is no comfort ..
Not a day passes that I do not think about them. Time passes, but I still miss them and you realize that there are gifts in life that are so precious that it hurts to lose them.

The last way


Am I one day frail and weak
and excruciating pain constantly keeps me awake -
what you have to do then - do it alone.
The final battle will be lost.

That you are very sad , I understand well .
Your hand should not feel grief .
On this day - more than ever happened -
Your friendship has made the hardest .

We lived together in years of happiness .
Fear of the Must ? There is no turning back.
You do not want that I suffer from it.
Therefore give me free when the time comes, please.

Accompany me to where I must go.
Only - Please stay with me until the end.
And hold me tight and tell myself too well
until my eyes come to rest .

By the time - I'm sure - you 'll know it ,
it was your love that you bestowed upon me .
Trusting fronds one last time -
You freed me from pain and agony

And do not grieve you if you 're there once ,
the Lord of this serious decision.
We were both so intimately united .
It may not be that your heart is crying for me.

unknown author