Just close your eyes and you will see
All the memories that you have of me
Just sit and relax and you will find
I'm really still there inside your mind
Don't cry for me now I'm gone
For I am in the land of song
There is no pain, there is no fear
So dry away that silent tear
Don't think of me in the dark and cold
I'm in that place that's filled with love
Known to you all, as "up above"

The bonds of love are not intersected with death. (Thomas Mann)

The consolation is that there is no comfort ..
Not a day passes that I do not think about them. Time passes, but I still miss them and you realize that there are gifts in life that are so precious that it hurts to lose them.

The last way


Am I one day frail and weak
and excruciating pain constantly keeps me awake -
what you have to do then - do it alone.
The final battle will be lost.

That you are very sad , I understand well .
Your hand should not feel grief .
On this day - more than ever happened -
Your friendship has made the hardest .

We lived together in years of happiness .
Fear of the Must ? There is no turning back.
You do not want that I suffer from it.
Therefore give me free when the time comes, please.

Accompany me to where I must go.
Only - Please stay with me until the end.
And hold me tight and tell myself too well
until my eyes come to rest .

By the time - I'm sure - you 'll know it ,
it was your love that you bestowed upon me .
Trusting fronds one last time -
You freed me from pain and agony

And do not grieve you if you 're there once ,
the Lord of this serious decision.
We were both so intimately united .
It may not be that your heart is crying for me.

unknown author